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Providing teachers, administrators and students with resources that improve the structure of education.


Creating a network of support for our educational community to improve instruction with the goal of developing the whole child.

Medford Public Schools CCSR

This program is made possible by a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The goal of the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility is to provide instructional resources, activities, coordination and training to support our mission of developing responsible global citizens who will be positive contributors to society.

The Center works with teachers, administrators, students and community members to develop a system-wide plan to integrate social/emotional learning, financial literacy, citizenship, career awareness, social emotional learning, resiliency, emotional Intelligence and incorporate research on the mirror neuron into the district curriculum and activities.

Richard Trotta, Director

Michael Skorker, Administrative Intern

Timothy Klein, Community Outreach Coordinator

Below are resources about social & emotional learning.


The Center is a state-of-the-art multimedia classroom/lab that utilizes technology to enhance the teaching process. It is fitted with an HD smart projector which can be connected to almost any computer or tablet. In the near future, the room will also feature individual laptops for each student. It also offers a database of community partners, a depository for curriculum and instructional materials/resources, and a speakers bureau.

Our center is a place that allows students to learn beyond the core curriculum, and take on issues that surround them and their communities every day. The programs associated with the center get students exposed to many new learning topics and opportunities that connect with them emotionally. They will work to act with integrity, respect, and responsibility, while learning how to self-manage and become self-aware.

In doing some research, we found that building a student's empathy is a key component to their learning new content, leading us to value initiatives that focus heavily on using empathy as a learning tool. This method of teaching will hopefully allow students to feel good about the projects they are working on. This is done through supporting school activities/clubs, fostering awareness of social/emotional learning, and prvoding anti-bullying resources for the community.