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About Fine Arts

Musical programs are available to students in grades K – 12 and include offerings in vocal, classroom, music appreciation and instrumental music. At the elementary level, students are serviced by a music specialist in an introductory program of singing, musical history and music theory. In grades 4 and 5 students may also elect to receive instrumental training on wind or string instruments. In middle school, instrumental students may continue their studies or sing in a school choral ensemble. At the high school level, students who are planning careers in music or who are interested in music as a part-time source of income, or as a hobby, will find educational opportunities available to them. All students must take and pass a Fine Arts course for graduation. High school performance courses include Band, Chorus, Jazz Band, and Orchestra.

The art program presents opportunities for students to explore and develop talents in a variety of art forms. At the elementary and middle school levels, weekly classes are presented by an art specialist who introduces basic concepts and nurtures developing skills. At the high school level, students have the opportunity to concentrate in specific art specialties and also broaden their command of media and technique. Offerings include Comprehensive Art, Pottery, Sculpture, Jewelry, and Fabric design. Students regularly participate in regional art festivals and local public exhibits. Click here to visit the art program webpage.

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Richard Trotta, Director

Tony Szykniej, Lead Teacher

High School Music
Haley Rello (Band)
Andrew Wray (Choral)
Tony Szykniej (Orchestra)
Sarah Fard (Guitar)- website

High School Art
Irene Haji-Georgi (MHS, Ceramics, Sculpture, AP Studio Art)
Candace Van Aken (MHS, Comprehensive Art)
Diana Nobrega (Columbus and Curtis/Tufts)

Middle School Music
Sarah Grant (Andrews)
Andrew Wray (McGlynn Middle)
Tony Szykniej (Orchestra, Andrews)
Sophia Chang (Orchestra, McGlynn Middle School/Middle School String Ensemble)

Middle School Art
Debbie Corleto (McGlynn Middle)
Suzanne Fee (McGlynn Middle)
Peter Gallagher (Andrews)

Elementary Music
Kristen Turner (Brooks)
Jim Conner (Roberts)
Oksana Karapetian (Columbus)
Howard Stern (McGlynn Elementary)
Chrissy Froomer (McGlynn Elementary, Treblemakers Chorus, Columbus Strings)
Sophia Chang (Elementary Strings, McGlynn, Brooks)
Tony Szykniej (Elementary Strings, Roberts)

Elementary Art
Susan Keefe (Brooks)
Patty Davis (Brooks)
Diana Nobrega (Columbus and Curtis/Tufts)
Julia Roberts (Columbus)
Jen Belanger (McGlynn)
Kathleen Shanley (Roberts)

Concert Schedule

All Concerts at Medford High School except where noted otherwise


Andrews MS Orchestra / Roberts Handchimes
Wednesday, 12/7/16, 7:30 pm

High School Orchestra
Thursday, 12/8/16, 7:30 pm

High School Chorus / Middle School Chorus
Tuesday, 12/13/16, 7:30 pm

McGlynn MS Orchestra @ McGlynn School
Thursday, 12/15/16, 7:00 pm

Grade 5 Strings/Elementary Chorus
Tuesday, 1/24/17, 7:30 pm

High School Band / Middle School Band
Wednesday, 1/25/17, 7:30 pm


HS Chorus / Middle School Chorus
Tuesday, 4/25/17, 7:00 pm

Andrews MS Orchestra / Elementary Chorus
Tuesday, 5/2/17, 7:30 pm

HS Band / MS band
Wednesday, 5/3/17, 7:30 pm

HS Orchestra
Thursday, 5/4/17, 7:30 pm

Gr. 5 Strings / Gr. 5 Band/ Roberts Handchimes
Wednesday, 5/10/17, 7:00 pm

McGlynn MS Orchestra @ McGlynn School
Thursday, 5/11/17, 7:00 pm

Gr. 4 Strings (Brooks & McGlynn) @ McGlynn
Wednesday, 5/17/17, 7:30 pm

Gr. 4 Strings (Columbus & Roberts)
Wednesday, 5/24/17, 7:30 pm

Etiquette at Concerts and Other Fine Arts Department Events

Donate Instruments

girl playing violin

Donate your old musical instrument to Medford Public Schools students
Medford Public Schools Music Program! Call 781-393-2315