English Language Arts

Summer reading 2017

Grades K-5

Grades 6-12

The Humanities Department is excited to unveil the 2017 Summer Reading List. Please note that all summer reading books are chosen carefully, with clear rubrics that include consideration of literary value, awards and interest level. This year, we have also included some additional ratings that may help you and your child choose the best texts for him/her. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Chiesa at nchiesa@medford.k12.ma.us.

Disclaimer: The ratings that follow come from websites (as noted below) containing parental ratings for literature. However, it is advised that the parents/guardians consult the websites and books on their own to see a full parental review of the selected book and to select at parent/guardian discretion for content, keeping in mind the educational value of the text.

Parental ratings and descriptions are from the following sources:
commonsensemedia.org “CSM”
theliteratemother.org “LM”
compassbookratings.com “CBR”

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Dr. Nicole Chiesa
Director of Humanities
Ed.D Northeastern University
J.D. Suffolk Law School
M.Ed. Salem State College
B.A. English and International Relations, Tufts University
Medford High School
David Ambrose
English 10 & 11
Yearbook Workshop
M.Ed., University of Massachusetts Amherst
B.A. English and Journalism, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Advisorships/Extracurricular Activities: Blue and White Yearbook
Rosemary Beagan
English 12, MCAS English
M.A. Boston College
B.S. Boston College
Douglass Bowen-Flynn
Grade 11 AP Language and Composition
English 10, Mythology
Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts, Harvard University
B.A., University of Puget Sound
Eric Esner
English 9
M.A.T. Simmons College
B.A. English and Creative Writing, New England College
Max Heinegg
English 10 & 12
M.A.T. Boston University
B.A. English, Union College
Barry Lewis
English 9 & 11
B.A. Liberal Arts, Goddard College
M.Ed. Secondary English Language Arts, University of Massachusetts Boston
Advisorships/Extracurricular Activities: Drama Club Advisor
Jody Liu
English 9 Honors, English 11 Standard
M.A.T. Tufts University
B.A. English, Tufts University
Advisor to the Asian Club
Awards/Distinctions: 3 Year Fellowship at Harvard University: World History and Civilizations
Medford High School Alumna
Mentor certification from Harvard Graduate School of Education (1993)
Shawn Morris
English 9 Standard
Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, Grade 12
B.A., University of Massachusetts Amherst
M.A., Ohio University
Ph.D. candidate, Northeastern University
Sarah Terranova
English 11 & 12 Standard, Book Club
B.A. English and Psychology, Pennsylvania State University
M. Ed., University of Massachusetts Boston
Extracurricular Activities: Online Book Club
Nicole Sanford
English 9 Standard and Honors
B.A. in English, Bridgewater State College
Cheryl Giordano
English 11
James Bostock
English 9 Standard, English 12 Honors
B.S., Worcester State College
Medford Vocational Technical High School
Rebekah McGinnis
English Language Arts 9 – 12, T.E.A/Career Education, Applied Academics
Medford Vocational Technical High School
Jonathan Brown
English 9,10,11,12
B.A. German, University of Massachusetts Amherst
M.A. English, Salem State University
Andrews Middle School
Enza Boos
Grade 6 English Language Arts
M.Ed. Salem State College
B.S. Journalism, Suffolk University
Awards/Distinctions: Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society
Paul DeMeo
Grade 6 English Language Arts
M.Ed. School Administration, Cambridge College
M.Ed. Special Education, Cambridge College
B.S. English, Northeastern University
Advisorships/Extracurricular Activities: Talent Show Director, Musical Play Director
Kathleen DeMeo
Grade 7 English Language Arts
B.A. English, University of Massachusetts Amherst, M.Ed. Secondary Education, Salem State College, Advisorships/Extracurricular Activities: National Junior Honor Society Advisor; Choreographer for spring musical
Narineh Abrimian
Grade 7 English Language Arts
B.A. English, Minor in Music, University of Massachusetts Boston
M.Ed. Middle and Secondary Education, University of Massachusetts Boston
Patrice Murphy
Grades 6, 7, 8
M.Ed. CAGS Reading Specialist K-12, American International College
M.Ed. Elementary Education 1-6, Cambridge College
B.A. Communication and Business, University of New Hampshire
Extracurricular Activities: Yearbook Advisor
Lisa Luongo
Grade 8 English Language Arts
B.A. English, Salem State College
MA.Ed. Special Education, Salem State College
C.A.G.S., School Leadership, American International College
Charlene Douglas
Grade 8 English Language Arts
M.S. Education, Cambridge College
B.S. Education, Boston State College
McGlynn Middle School
Loni-Anne Sanford
Grade 6 English Language Arts
M.Ed. Special Education, Endicott College
B.A. English, Bridgewater State University
Michael Cremin IV
Grade 6 English Language Arts
M.Ed. UMass Boston
B.A. Psychology, University of Maine
Awards/Distinctions: Awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Great American Books Grant (2007), Awarded Teaching Tolerance Grant (2008)
Sara Stevens
Grade 7 English Language Arts
Audra M. Cashin
Grade 7 English Language Arts
B.S. English,
M. Ed.
Lindsay Repucci
Grade 8 English Language Arts
B.S. Theatre Design and Technology, Northern Arizona University
M.Ed. Middle School English, Lesley
Advisorships/Extracurricular Activities:, McGlynn Middle School Drama Club advisor
Kristin Zeckman
Grade 8 English Language Arts
M.Ed. English Language Arts, Boston University
B.A. English (Writing) & Education, Denison University
Ellen McGlynn
Grades 6, 7, 8
Reading and Study Skills

Mission Statement

Although the emphasis placed on specific skills varies for each grade and level, the total English program provides continuity in the student’s educational program over four years. The English Department is committed to the presentation of materials and skills acquisition through a broad range of study: research skills, the reading of quality literature; the development of writing skills that ensure an appropriate finished product; spelling and vocabulary development; oral language; listening; grammar and usage, and reasoning. Since writing is a reflection of thinking, students are expected to respond to literature as well as to generate writing from their own ideas. Massachusetts has state Curriculum Frameworks for English /Language Arts. A new emphasis within the state Framework is “speaking and presenting,” areas that are also reflected in the Medford High School English curriculum.

Since the English faculty members believe that written composition is a reflection of a student’s ability to think, writing is assigned regularly, on an average of four times per month and responded to by the teacher in some detail at least twice a month. Writing assignments represent different types and purposes and are geared toward multiple audiences. Length varies from a five-paragraph journal entry to a twenty-page typed critical paper produced over several months. As more and more English teachers utilize “portfolio assessment,” parents can expect to periodically receive portfolios of completed work. The parent is then expected to “respond” in writing to the student.

Every student must take and pass English 9, 10, ll and 12. A double English (e.g., English ll and five additional credits in other English electives) is strongly recommended for all Level III and Level IV students in grades 10, ll and 12. A student cannot progress to another English course without first fulfilling the prerequisite for that course. Therefore, two regular English courses (e.g., English 10 and ll) cannot be taken simultaneously.

The English curriculum at Medford High School was revised to reflect the changes in American and world history. The content of each grade reflects the best of the classics. Important contributions from diverse cultures throughout history and into the twenty first century are also incorporated into the curriculum..

The English Program includes two Advanced Placement courses, an Honors level in each of the four years; and in-class computer clusters. English/Language Arts electives include: (l) Writing Workshop I and II (which is strongly recommended for all students prior to entering (Grade 12); (2) Communication Workshop (Grade 9); (3) MCAS English Review (Grades 10 and 12); (4) Mythology (Grades 9 -12); (5) Public Communications (Grades 10-12); (6) Verbal SAT Prep (grades 10-11); Journalism, (9-12), and Yearbook (9-12).

Medford High School has a strict homework policy. A research paper requirement is also expected within every department. The English curriculum supports both. Teacher feedback will be offered throughout each class. The Medford High School English Program holds students to high standards and believes firmly in a meaningful education.

Since the English/Language Arts Program k-12 strongly supports a home-school partnership, parents are urged to seek the advice of guidance counselors (393-2288), English teachers, and/or the Humanities Director (393-9016).