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Nutrition Nuggets Newsletter

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Nutrition Nuggets is a healthy eating and fitness newsletter for kids from our school nurses. Click on the links below for the latest news.

Don’t Wait, Vaccinate!

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A message from the Medford Public Schools Health Services Department

The school nurses help maintain safety of our environment through careful monitoring of student immunizations. Vaccines work to safeguard children from illnesses and death caused by communicable diseases. They protect children by helping prepare their bodies to fight often serious, and potentially, deadly diseases. Should there be an outbreak of a communicable disease, students who have not been immunized will be excluded from school during the infectious period in accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations.

Did you know?

Viral outbreaks occur more frequently than one expects. From December 2014-January 2015, a multi-state measles outbreak started in California and spread to additional states. Measles is a serious respiratory illness that is highly contagious and may cause severe complications such as pneumonia, brain inflammation and death.

Pertussis, also known as Whooping Cough, is another serious respiratory illness that starts as a mild upper respiratory infection and progresses into severe episodes of coughing lasting 2-6 weeks. The most recent Pertussis outbreak in Massachusetts occurred between 2006-2008 and affected adolescents and adults.

Before the HIB vaccine, H. influenza bacteria was the leading cause of meningitis in children less than 5 years old. HIB meningitis can cause hearing loss, deafness, seizures, and brain damage and can be deadly.

Polio is a virus affecting the spinal cord which can cause respiratory failure, muscle weakness and paralysis leading to disability and even death. Some survivors of polio required leg braces, crutches or wheelchairs.