Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy for Staff
-Approved by Medford School Committee

The Medford Public Schools supports the rights of students and staff to have reasonable access, in school, to various information formats and believes it is incumbent upon students and staff to use this educational advantage in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

I accept that using computers and accessing the Internet is an educational advantage afforded me by the Medford Public School District and that inappropriate use of computers may result in my loss of their utilization and other possible disciplinary action.

I accept that the primary use of computer resources and the Internet is to support research and education.

I will follow all copyright regulations and will not copy programs or pirate software. I will not take hardware, software or computer supplies provided by the school district.

I will not invade the privacy of others or access the network or files of any business, person, or agency with intent to steal, subvert, destroy, or view information which is not appropriate.

I understand that electronic mail (e-mail) is not guaranteed to be private. People who operate the system have access to all mail and that all Internet activity can be monitored.

I will not access information which is considered dangerous or potentially damaging, such as instructions on the preparation of illegal or dangerous mechanisms or activities.

I will not conduct business transactions, commercial activities or political lobbying.

I understand that for my safety I will not give out my full name, home address or telephone number, or school information to strangers that I meet online. I agree not to meet with any stranger that I have met online. I will not publish personal information about other users or pretend to be someone else when sending or receiving information.

I will be polite and use appropriate language. I will not swear, use vulgarities, harass others, use ethnic or racial slurs, access inappropriate websites, engage in hacking or vandalism, or transmit or view obscene or offensive material.

I understand that I am prohibited from downloading or installing any personal software with inappropriate material on school technology.

I will not degrade or disrupt school or Internet network services or equipment, as such activity is considered a crime under state and federal law; this includes but is not limited to tampering with computer hardware and software, vandalizing data, invoking computer viruses or attempting to gain access to restricted or unauthorized network services.

I understand that Principals, or their designees, will be responsible for disseminating and enforcing policies and enforcing procedures in the buildings under their control and will ensure that all users complete and sign an agreement to abide by the policies and procedures. All such agreements are to be maintained at the building level.

I understand and agree with the school district contract for computer use in the schools and that the Medford School District will cooperate fully with local, state or federal officials in any investigation concerning or relating to misuse of the district’s system or network.

I understand that should I break this contract my access to computers will be revoked and disciplinary actions taken.

This user agreement will be renewed each academic year.