Professional Development

District-Sponsored Professional Development

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Online Professional Development Courses

In order to be eligible for salary increment approval (and most likely even usable for re-licensure) the course or workshop must be offered by a college, university or by an organization only if that organization has been recognized by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as a provider of professional development points.  Online professional development offered by out of state providers may be eligible but complete information about the provider must be included with the request form.

Facilitator Information

Out-of-District Professional Development

Please note, Medford Public Schools will not be responsible for any cost associated with these offerings.

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Districtwide Goals for Professional Staff

District Goals

Part V

1. To promote success for all students

2. To ensure that high standards are established and maintained

3. To effectively use data to guide instruction

4. To understand the nature of our increasingly diverse student population and to construct teaching and learning strategies that meet the needs of all learners regardless of a student’s special circumstance

5. To know and comply with applicable laws, regulations and approved practices required to maintain compliance with district, state and federal government mandates and policies

6. To promote teaching and learning that is standards based and reflective of the skills and content contained in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and district curriculum

7. To help students attain maximum levels of performance on the MCAS exam and other required assessments

8. To promote forms of assessment in addition to MCAS that is balanced and includes both formative and summative assessments.

9. To contribute to the ongoing development and refinement of classroom and district curricula

10. To utilize pedagogy that research shows improves effective student learning

11. To provide students with high levels of content knowledge in core academic subjects.

12. To use technology as a teaching tool to enhance student learning

13. To promote College and Career Readiness Skills

14. To engage in professional growth that s consistent with the findings of individual staff evaluations and needs of licensure