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Construction & School Parking Lot Notice

Parents, guardians, community members: we are excited to share that the kick-off meeting for the Medford Cable Access TV construction has been completed and the project is poised to begin. As an overview, the project has a tentative 5-month window beginning in November and completion anticipated in the spring.

IFCC is the General Contractor that will be on-site at the High School for the duration of the project. Mobilization of equipment, materials and staging around the construction site is scheduled to begin the week ending November 4th. Please note that you may begin to see vehicles and contractors around the corner location at the front main entrance and corner leading up to the vocational entrance. There will be a chain link fence to isolate the construction zone but there will be a lot of activity in and around that section of the school. Additionally, general parking may be limited in the far corner to accommodate construction crew vehicles.

Please be advised that all safety measures have been reviewed and considered to minimize traffic and accessibility disruption in and around the building. We will continue to communicate with you as major milestones are reached and/or information needs to be shared regarding this very exciting project.

Thank you all for your support and understanding during this process.