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‘Little Free Library’ Now Available! Updated Mar. 7

Update- click here to see how it was built!

The Columbus Elementary School recently installed a “Little Free Library.”

Mr. Eric Handler, the husband of one of the Columbus’ special education teachers, Mrs. Shannon Handler, enlisted Ms. Kara Rossi and a few of her fifth grade students in working together on this project, which will be featured in the future on PBS!

Mr. Handler worked together with his Design Squad Kids and the Columbus School to install their handiwork. (The full video production will be completed in about two months.) The students had a great time and worked really well together. Mr. Handler was very impressed and happy with their work on such a cold day.

According to the description from the Little Free Library website, “a Little Free Library is a ‘take a book, return a book’ free book exchange. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common version is a small wooden box of books. Anyone may take a book or bring a book to share.”

Ms. Rossi is very excited to be the steward for the Columbus Little Free Library. The Columbus Elementary School’s Little Free Library is officially registered and has a beautiful plaque with their registered Charter Number.

The entire Columbus community is invited to visit and use the library. There are some books in there now but it is their hope that community members will make donations to the box when they take a book to read… Basically, they ask that, “Give one and get one!”

For over two years, Ms. Rossi has wanted to get this project off the ground. With the help of Mr. Handler and his work in television production, the Columbus was able to acquire the Little Free Library at no cost to the school.

“We are grateful to see the idea of Ms. Rossi and Mr. Handler come to fruition so seemlessly AND to be able to offer this wonderful service to our neighborhood and community,” said Principal Kathleen Kay.

Little Free Library

Pictured left to right – Ms. Kara Rossi, Raphael Beauchemin, Lindsey Quinn, Henrique Faria, Emma Kiley, and the Design Squad Kids – Miles and Kaeleen.

Little free library

This is Eric Handler from PBS. He worked with Design Kids Team from his company to create the Little Free Library you see in the photo. Ms. Rossi and some fifth grade kids helped install it on November 27th. The other woman in this picture is his wife, Mrs. Shannon Handler, a special education teacher at the Columbus.