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Acceptance Information Update

Wondering if your child is accepted to Medford Tech? Letters will be sent after April vacation.

Although we are deepening our collaboration with the high school, vocational education students has some guidelines that are unique. We are maintaining our admissions policy for the following reasons:

We believe it is important to determine the interest-based students through the application process because they will need to make a choice to continue their CTE (career technical education) curriculum. The reason we are doing this is as follows:

1. CTE reporting purposes to the state as far as program vs. course
2. Interest of student in CTE vs. taking an elective course
3. If there is a waitlist for a program, it will be determined by commitment to CTE.
4. This will ease the process for grade 10 scheduling of CTE programs and the student’s career pathway.

Guidance counselor forms are not needed this year! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Berube, our Enrollment Coordinator at