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Conduct and Citizenship Award Winners

Each month the teachers at Columbus Elementary School choose one child in their classroom to win the Conduct and Citizenship Award. The child chosen has given their best effort each day to be Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. Here are some examples of what the student needs to accomplish to meet the award criteria:

1. Obey the school rules;
2. Obey the classroom rules;
3. Arrive to school on time;
4. Come to school prepared to work;
5. Looking out for the welfare of others.

The following children received this award in the month of November 2017:

KINDERGARTEN: Ximena Castillo-Merida, Lia Lambert, and Evie McGoldrick

GRADE ONE: Joseph Calo, Calvin Exantus, and Isabelle Fishbein

GRADE THREE: Abigail Charlton, Viola Clark, Keren Degand, and Emily Huang

GRADE FOUR: Jasprett Kaur, Jared Stroscio, and Mason Sullivan

GRADE FIVE: Maya Berrouet, Marco Ciccia, Margaret Fowler, and David Maior

conduct and citizenship award winners