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Works of Wonder

Columbus Elementary School is awarding students, staff, and families each week for performing works of wonder throughout the school day. Our Columbus community constantly performs deeds that make another say, “WOW!”

We want to recognize these wonderful works therefore each week certain children, staff, and even family members will receive a “Works of Wonder – W.O.W.” certificate and pencil. Be sure to congratulate them for the recognized deeds.

November – Works Of Wonder Award Winners:

Kindergarten: David Bernstein, Ximena Castillo-Merida, Amy Chaves, Irene Pabst, Michael Pagano, Adam Lahbibi Pena, Andrew Pereira, and Nicholas Wong.

First Grade: Philip Catanzano, Paul Giurleo, Jordon Lawton, Amari Pitterson, Lotte Ribisel, Samuel Santos, Larson Smith, and Delany Warren.

Second Grade: Maya Adem, Alyssa Do Carmo, Destiny Medeiros, and Thayrone Medeiros.

Third Grade: Collin Allen, Quinn Dufour, Nicholas Ferreira, Harrison Haith, Miles Hilliard, Isaacson Jean-Baptiste, Lily Kiley, Evaldyne Millien, Sthefany Moreira, Caroline Owens, Jasmine Penaloza-Zaaleta, Anna Pereira, Brenny Pineda-Rosales, and Angelo Volpe.

Fourth Grade: Idalia Alas, Alexa Carnabucci, Budom Ezeani, Shamika Moise, and Joao Pereira.

Fifth Grade: Anthony Barbosa, Jahlany Blanchard, Aiden Crott, Jossie Dufour, Sofie Green, Hailey Hernandez, Jossira Kouyate, Erik Lambert, Talyanna Laurent, Joao Ricci, Za’Nayah Robinson, Patricia Salomon, Anthony Siekman, Eva Sommer, Owen Spadaro, Thomas Stephanopoulos, Mason Sullivan, Abby Taylor, and Sylvia Valdez-Melgar.

Staff & Community Members: Mrs. Wendy Anderson, Mrs. Liz Anderson, Mrs. Borelli, Ms. Boston, Mrs. Burke, Miss Cogbill, Mrs. Donnelly, Mr. Patrick Hunt, Ms. Joy, Mrs. Keddy, Mrs. Mazzei, Ms. McKenzie, Mrs. O’Donohue, Miss Olsen, Mr. Plati, Ms. Staude, and Miss Sullivan.