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‘Farm Fresh Fridays’

Dear Parents:

The Brooks Elementary School is participating in a local fruit/vegetable tasting program, “Farm Fresh Fridays”.

During this program, they are offered a small sample of a locally-grown fruit or vegetable once per month in the cafeteria. The item is offered to all students, whether they purchase lunch at school or bring lunch from home.

Medford Public Schools Nutritionist, Retta Smith, facilitates the tastings. Retta is a Registered Dietitian and is knowledgeable of working with food allergies/intolerances, as well as cultural food considerations, and will be working closely with school nurses to ensure the safety of all students. There will never be any nuts, nut-containing products, or fish/egg/meat/milk products offered as part of these snacks. All foods will be prepared on-site in the school kitchen, which is a nut-free facility.

The next tasting is Friday, January 26, and features butternut squash from Atlas Farms in Deerfield, MA. The squash will be roasted with canola oil and salted lightly. Feel free to contact Retta Smith (, 781-393-2144) with any questions or concerns, or if you do NOT want your child to participate in the tastings.

Thank you!