FY2012 Budget Information

2011-2012 School Year

In June 2011 the Medford School Committee unanimously approved a $44,900,000 budget for fiscal year 2012, which begins July 1, 2011 and runs through June 30, 2012. The FY2012 budget is $1,700,000 more than the current year’s budget. However, that figure isn’t really an increase since $2.5 million was needed to create a level-funded budget (a budget with the same level of services) due to an overall increase in fixed costs. Additionally, a small number of retirements (nine this year versus twenty-two last year) won’t offset costs as much as in previous years.

Mayor Michael McGlynn has agreed to identify an additional $124,000 outside of the budget. Part of that money- $50,000- will be used for the athletic department to help fund a budget gap. The bulk- $74,000- is being used along with $100,000 that resulted from negotiations with the custodial union to restore projected budget cuts. The restorations include the support services specialist position at Medford High School; kindergarten aides; library aides; 0.6 (part-time) school nurse; $5,000 for maintaining equipment at the Vocational School; and $10,000 to partially restore a $20,000 cut to the student activities fund.

An increase in enrollment made it necessary for a fifth first grade teacher at the Brooks Elementary School, an additional sixth grade teacher at the Andrews Middle School, and three special education teachers.

A weak economy and a continued decrease in state aid have unfortunately led to cumulative years of cuts, including a decrease of secretaries and assistant principals and the need for directors to cover more than one department. However, class size has remained decent, a comprehensive curriculum is in place, and substantial programs and services continue to be offered, including busing at no cost.

Despite tough economic times and much anxiety over the budget, Mayor McGlynn said this was one of the smoothest budget processes in the past five years. The Mayor praised School Superintendent Roy Belson, Budget and Finance Director Ann Giombetti, the School Committee, the City Council, and City Budget Director Stephanie Muccini Burke for their role in preparing the FY2012 budget.

“They did a great job in a very difficult year,” said Mayor McGlynn.

The Mayor and Superintendent also praised parents and other members of the school community for the great turnout at Monday’s school budget meeting.

“It shows they are very much involved in our school system,” said Mayor McGlynn.

The school budget is currently before the Medford City Council for consideration. The Council will vote on the budget during their meeting on Tuesday, June 28. The meeting can be watched live on Channel 16 in Medford.

Monday’s School Committee budget hearing will be replayed on Channel 15 in two parts on Wednesday, June 22 starting at 7:00pm and again on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26 at 11:00am.

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