School Superintendent

School Superintendent Roy E. Belson
489 Winthrop Street
Medford, MA 02155
Phone: (781) 393-2442


The Medford Public Schools has entered the 21st Century in a dynamic way. Each of our new schools grades PK-8 is a modern facility. Our High School and Vocational School are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. A multi-million dollar Capital Improvement Plan is well underway to ensure that our High School and Vocational School can offer classroom environments that build upon the state of the art facilities in our new K-8 buildings. Our facilities plan is called Building the Future.

This year Medford operates nine schools PK-12 throughout the city. There are four elementary, two middle, one high school, one vocational-technical high school, and two alternative schools. Each is staffed with one of the highest percentages of highly qualified teachers in the state as defined by the Federal Education Act, No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

The system serves approximately five thousand pupils each year with a full range of programs. The new school facilities are complete with libraries, resource centers, science laboratories, technology-assisted classrooms, gynmasia, art studios, music rehearsal rooms and cafeterias. The Medford Public Schools maintains exemplary class size throughout the district. Elementary classrooms average twenty students and secondary classrooms average in the low twenties. Medford offers a comprehensive early childhood program and has expanded its after-school program offerings to meet the needs of families and the desire for enhanced learning opportunities. Medford High School offers advanced placement programs in all disciplines and over 75% of the graduating class goes on to higher education. Our schools are more than just classrooms. We provide support services to a wide variety of students and their families.

We have English Language Learner (ELL) programs for all non-English language speaking students. There are students representing sixty-eight countries in our school system. We are deeply committed to providing equal educational opportunities to all students and believe that students of the 21st Century must be educated to comprehend diverse perspectives and to function actively within multiple contexts.

Parent involvement is highly valued and there are both formal and informal opportunities to participate in the decision-making process at each school. Each school has an active Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), and a School Site Council as well as a Parent Center. The School System also maintains a district-wide Parent Center to provide information and assistance on many issues.

The Medford Public Schools is dedicated to the goal of success for all students. Our schools are socially responsive to the needs of all learners as a means of achieving the highest levels of excellence. It is our fundamental belief that schools can and do make a difference in the lives and attainments of children and because of that we have a sacred trust to ensure that all childrens’ needs are met fairly, comprehensively and qualitatively. Furthermore, we hold that each child has a positive contribution to make in our society and that the loss of any such gift diminishes the value of our community, nation and world. We have high expectations for ourselves and invite all to take full advantage of Medford’s 21st Century Public Schools.

Roy E. Belson
Superintendent of Schools