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High School Orchestra (Grades 9-12)

This course is for those students who have had previous experiences and lessons in violin, viola, cello and bass violin. No beginners are eligible. Wind and percussion players are to be admitted only after taking and passing an audition. Attendance at rehearsal programs, concerts, and musical activities after school hours is required. All Orchestra students must attend one weekly nighttime rehearsal. Standard – 4 Credits – 4 Periods per Cycle – Full Year

Objectives of the High School Orchestra

  • To develop the creativity and problem-solving skills essential to a well-rounded education.
  • To give each student an education in music that will challenge and enrich their lives.
  • To develop the personal character traits of leadership and self-discipline.
  • To develop cooperation and teamwork.
  • To develop confidence and poise.
  • To develop the skill and technical ability that leads to proficiency on an instrument.
  • To acquaint the student with a wide and varied repertoire of orchestral literature.
  • To provide the foundational study which may lead to a career in music.
  • To serve and represent the school in public concerts and other functions.

Orchestra involves the study of literature and the rehearsal and performance techniques of the string/orchestral ensemble on moderate levels of achievement. It is a performance organization for the student who might wish to elect membership in such a group. This performance organization will include outside-of-school time rehearsals and performances required of all members during certain times of the school year in addition to the rehearsals and performances, which take place during the school day. This class is involved primarily with the continued development and reinforcement of previously acquired musical skills. The orchestra presents various concerts throughout the year. Students are provided an opportunity to experience various styles of music, including classics and contemporary music.

Benefits to the Student

The orchestra promotes:

  • Teamwork – The ensemble coordinates individual abilities into one central effort. The ensemble gives the child the feeling of group loyalty and motivation.
  • Discipline – the ensemble teaches responsibility. Emphasis is placed on following instructions and teaches the child respect for music and the group effort.
  • Concentration – Attention to detail is vital in all education-related projects. Concentration built in a musical ensemble often carries over to other areas, improving study habits and increasing intellectual understanding and curiosity.
  • Appreciation – orchestra participation encourages respect and appreciation for aesthetic values and the beauty of various cultures.
  • Leadership
  • Poise
  • Personal achievement

Middle School Strings/Orchestra

Middle School Strings (Orchestra) meets two periods per week at both the Andrews and McGlynn Middle Schools. Students in both schools perform concerts together and independently throughout the school year.


This class is set for students who are in 6th, 7th or 8th grade. It will develop musicianship and instrumental skills.

The class will focus on rehearsal skills, performance skills, and will have a heavy emphasis on technique.

Elementary Strings


This important instrumental program allows students to begin lessons as well as prepare for middle school music study. It is open to all students in grade 4 & 5.

Students Will Be Able To:

  • Read basic standard notation.
  • Play major scales up to 2 sharps.
  • Play notes throughout the reasonable range of the instrument.
  • Play and understand simple and complex time signatures.
  • Gauge dynamics to different situations and styles.
  • Understand articulation differences and sound qualities.
  • Play more complex arrangements under a conductor.
  • Use of various bowing techniques.

Middle School String Ensemble

The Middle School String Ensemble (grades 5-8), founded in 2009 by music director Sophia Chang, was formed to encourage the development of high performance standards. The ensemble meets once per week after school.

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