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AP Italian Students of MHS Attend a Performance at Carnegie Hall

By Catarina Barros-Correira
Class of 2018

On the weekend of December 17, 2017, the AP Italian class at Medford High School went on their first ever trip to New York City to experience the works of Aldo Finzi at Carnegie Hall.

A FaceTime call with Opera singer Elizabeth Hertzberg in October inspired the trip after Hertzberg invited the class to watch her Carnegie Hall debut. With a generous grant from Mr. Cesare Pietrangelo, the trip was at no cost to the students. The trip, which included a thorough tour of New York City, fine Italian dining, balcony seats at Carnegie Hall, and a four star hotel stay, gifted the students with the ability to fully immerse themselves in not only the City, but also in the Italian culture. The students sat in the first row of the Blavatnik Family tier. After the show, Elizabeth Hertzberg and other performers met the students at the stage door where they took photos and asked the soprano when her next concert is. Elizabeth said she is working on her operatic debut at the Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti di Modena and the Teatro Regio di Parma in March. Although tired from “tutte le passeggiate,” students visited Columbus Circle, Central Park South, and strolled through the High Line before their 4 hour bus ride back to Medford. They are thankful to Cesare Pietrangelo, Rita DiCarlo, Monica Canetta, Vilma Bibeau, and most importantly Aldo Finizi and family for the opportunity to experience such beautiful music and an amazing trip.

Who was Aldo Finzi? Aldo Finzi, a Jewish-Italian composer, was born in Italy in 1897. In 1937 there was a competition at La Scala Theater for a new opera and Finzi decided to enter the competition with his work La Serenata al Vento. A colleague on the jury, chosen to judge the competition, privately informed Finzi that he had won the competition. However, the official letter and recognition from the jury never arrived. In 1938, Finzi was forced to end his career due to Mussolini’s fascist race laws. Unfortunately, Aldo Finzi did not make it through World War II and his music remained largely unknown. His last words to his son Bruno were, “Fate eseguire la mia musica,” that is, “Have my music performed.”

The newly rediscovered Aldo Finzi’s music is making its way around the globe from Australia to Mexico. The performance at Carnegie Hall of December 17th wished to award Finzi the attention given to his contemporaries Strauss, Debussy, and Respighi.

Students of AP Italian at Medford High School worked on two liriche, Le Rondini and C’era una volta that were sung by Elizabeth Hertzberg at Carnegie Hall together with other arie.

at Carnegie Hall

i grattacieli (skyscrapers in Italian)

touring New York

“It takes two to Ultimate Tango”

By Carla DiStefano
Class of 2018

On November 8th, the Foreign Language Club of Medford High School partnered up with “Ultimate Tango” of Medford Square to put on a tango show for the students of Medford High School. Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela, from “Ultimate Tango”, showed a slide and video clip presentation on the history of Tango and its importance in the culture of Argentina. They performed two amazing dances and then asked for volunteers from the audience to go on the stage and participate in a tango dance. It was awesome to see how quickly the students immersed themselves and picked up the steps. It was a great enriching activity and experience for the foreign language students of Medford High.

Students learning the steps to Tango

It takes two to tango instructors

Foto with soprano Elizabeth Hertzberg after the show