Technology Upgrade

Both the Medford School Committee and City Council unanimously approved a $3.3 million technology upgrade for our schools in January 2012.

A huge thank you goes out to the technology committee for their nearly two years of work and to all of the parents, students, school staff, community members, and others who supported this project.

The technology upgrade is part of a larger capital improvement bond for the city that includes several important projects.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony on Monday, January 2, 2012, Mayor Michael McGlynn said the following about the technology upgrade:

“This year, our schools will begin a major upgrade of its technological capacity. This initiative addresses all the key components recommended by the technology advisory committee and sets a foundation for an ongoing commitment to effective teaching and learning, including:

A wireless network throughout the district allowing for state of the art work stations for all teachers.

Wireless mobile computer carts allowing interactive classroom instruction and projection capabilities linked to the internet.

Libraries with additional workstations to accommodate group research along with additional computer labs to enable differentiated instruction.

Additional devices at all schools enabling universal access to all learners and administrative workstations upgraded to handle data management and reporting.

This 3.3 million dollar investment will allow our students to become familiar with the online course requirements, and facilitate their access to the expanding digital world.”

The $3.3 million investment includes district-wide wireless; new teacher/specialist computers and printers; new projectors K-12; new computers (and more of them) in our libraries and additional computer labs at each school for teachers to use; wireless device carts at each school; and one student computer in every classroom.

Upgrade Information