Computerized Payment System

Use of Student ID

Students will continue to use their current ID number or Student ID Card that they have been using. This ID number will stay with the student until he/she graduates. Please encourage your student to make sure they have their ID card and to NOT give out their number.

Check Prepayments

Check prepayments are accepted and encouraged; simply place your child(s) ID number(s) on the check.

This money will be deposited into their meal accounts. At Breakfast or Lunch they will simply pick up their meal, punch in their ID number on the keypad, or scan their Student ID card and the money will be subtracted from their account. The High School may make a deposit anytime during the day but we encourage this before homeroom or at breakfast.

Every student at all schools has been entered into the computerized system. We strongly recommend parents/guardians deposit money into the student’s account via cash or check. Bounced checks will have a fee of $25.00.

The amount of the prepayment deposit is entirely up to you; it can range from one day to a month, or even a year.

Question: What will stop the student from purchasing more than the parent allows?

Answer: If this is a problem with your child, simply notify us in writing with your limitations, and we will enter it into the system.

Example: A student desires to purchase 10 of our delicious meals and you only permit one per day, information will be placed in the system and we will comply with your wishes.

If a student’s meal account gets low, our staff will remind them. If the student forgets his or her money, it will allow a negative balance up to 3 meals.

Money in the student’s meal account at the end of the school year will be carried over to the next school year.

Food Allergies

If you are concerned about a food allergy that your son/daughter has, please notify the cafeteria with this information. If indicated, a warning will appear on the cashiers’ screen for a review of the items on the student’s tray.

Faster Lines

The school Food Service department believes this will assure the parents that meal money will be used for lunch/breakfast. No one will feel any embarrassment when using the National School Lunch Program as no one will be identified as such. This change speeds up the meal line because there is little money being exchanged. Students do not have to worry about losing or protecting their money and it is an efficient and effective way for us to meet your child’s needs now and in the future.

Free and Reduced Lunch/Breakfast

If your child has qualified for free or reduced meal prices, this information is noted in the system, and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students without any special indication to the students.


If for any reason you would like a copy of the transactions of your child’s account we will be able to give you a print out.

More Questions

If you have questions, please feel free to call the Food Service office at 781-393-2241.

Thank you in advance for your patience in implementing this system.

Features of the Computerized System

Benefits for Parents and Students

  • When the account is prepaid you can be sure that your student is only using that money for nutritious lunches/breakfasts served in our cafeteria.
  • Lunch is defined as a choice of entrée, milk choice, and up to four side dishes available to all students.
  • Prepaid accounts for all students allows parents to deposit money in their student’s account, in any amount, at any time, without concerns about giving their student the exact change every morning.
  • For those students receiving free or reduced meals, their meals will be rung up as all the other meals are. No one will know whether they are receiving a free or reduced meal or debiting their account, except for the cashier.
  • Lunch lines move faster when meals are prepaid, thus providing students extra time to enjoy their lunch period.
  • Parents can pay any amount at any time. Students can prepay on the line with cash or parents can send in checks (with the student ID# on it), and students can give this to the cashier right in the lunch line. You are only charged for the lunches/breakfasts and or snacks that are debited to your student’s ID academic eligibility number. All student ID numbers are confidential.
  • Pin pads are located at every terminal; they provide ease of use and allow for quick transactions.
  • Prepayment allows for better security rather than cash.
  • Once the transaction has been completed, your student will know his/her account balance.
  • Students may use any register. When a lunch or breakfast is recorded at one register, it will automatically be recorded on the other registers.
  • When student accounts get low, students will be informed at the register of their balance.

Pre-Payment Options

  • You can send in prepayment monies at any time. We recommend that parents send in checks rather than cash. All monies should be submitted only to cafeteria personnel.
  • Checks are to be made payable to Medford School Lunch Account.
  • When sending a prepayment, please include the student’s ID# on the face of the check. If you send in cash please indicate on the face of the envelope, the student’s ID#.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office of School Lunch at 781-393-2241.

Paying Online

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Great news! We are offering an exciting new option to help make your life easier.® is an on-line system that will allow you to make deposits into your student’s school meal accounts.

mySchoolBucks offers…

  • Safety. Virtually eliminates worries about your child carrying money to school.
  • Convenience. Make payments when it’s convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Control.
    – Receive low balance email reminders (set your own limits!)
    – Monitor your student’s account balances online.
    – View your student’s cafeteria purchases.
  • Efficiency. Make your payments for all your children in one easy step, even if they attend different schools in the district.
  • Flexibility
    – Make payments using your VISA, Master Card, Discover credit/debit cards or electronic check.
    – Option to have payments made automatically each month.
    – Deposit confirmations sent directly to your email account.

Money deposited into will usually arrive at the school by the next morning. You can set your low balance settings to remind you when it’s time to add more money, or set up recurring payments so the system will automatically add money to the account when your balance reaches the threshold you set.

Getting started is easy! Visit and click the “REGISTER FOR A FREE ACCOUNT” button to create an account. A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provide. Simply follow the link included in that email and your registration will be complete. Once you log in, you can add all your students by entering each student’s school, their name and student ID number. allows you to check balances, review transaction history, and receive low balance alerts from the comfort of your home for no charge. A convenience fee may apply for payments to your student account(s). You will have the opportunity to review any fees (and cancel, if you choose) before you are charged.

You can also download the mySchoolBucks app for your iPhone or Android phone.

If you have any questions, you can email or call 1-855-832-5226.

Thank you,
The mySchoolBucks® Team