Director of Science, Rocco Cieri


Medford High School
Patricia Brandl
Audrey Carmosino
Ivy Carnabucci
Jodie Driscoll
Melissa Holland (&MVTHS)
John Lazzaro
Kacey Littman
Alexandria Lucuk
Brian Mernoff (Website)
Catherine Newman
Michael Wadness (Website)
Griffin Weigel (&MHS)
Jonathan Wilson
Kenneth Wright

Vocational Technical High School
Melissa Holland (&MHS)
Griffin Weigel (&MHS)

Andrews Middle School
Kerry Bronnenkant (6)
Andrea Twardzicki (6)
Lindsey McKenna (7)
Eric Prileson (7)
Matthew Dowaliby (8)
Robert Terrano (8)
John Murphy (Engineering Lab)

McGlynn Middle School
Paula Duffy (6)
Jaime Taylor (6)
Angela Bellini (7)
Sandra Rideout (7)
Sherri Flint (8)
Foster Hoyt (8)
Michael Scarola (Engineering Lab)


The science department at Medford High School provides students with a high quality curriculum. Course offerings include college preparatory courses and advanced placement classes in biology, chemistry, and physics. Additional offerings include introductory courses in engineering and medical technology.

The science department seeks to design a scientific education that helps students develop an appreciation, joy, excitement and intellectual awareness of the natural and human-made environment. Balanced with the study of the arts and humanities, students achieve a wider understanding of the world.

Questions or comments about the science department, the curriculum, or any general concerns can be directed to Rocco Cieri at 781-393-2314.



The elementary schools follow the standards set by the Massachusetts Department of of Elementary and Secondary Education. (DESE). You can view the state curriculum frameworks on the DESE website.


The middle school curriculum seeks to provide students with content in the four areas of science identified by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Science & Engineering/Technology. The science rooms at the McGlynn and Andrews include sophisticated equipment to keep science active, engaging, and current.

Each middle school has a fully furnished technology/engineering laboratory. The labs promote positive learning opportunities for students.

High School

A variety of science courses are available for students attending Medford High School. All classes provide students with the opportunity to meet their science requirements for graduation.

Click here to read an overview of courses offered for Grades 9-12.

Intro to Physics CP
Biology I Honors

Biology I Honors
Biology I CP
Chemistry I Honors

Chemistry I CP
Chemistry I Honors
Physics I CP
Physics I Honors
AP Chemistry II
Anatomy and Physiology CP
Anatomy and Physiology Honors
Environmental Science CP
Environmental Science Honors

Chemistry I CP
Physics I CP
Physics I Honors
AP Chemistry II
AP Biology II
AP Physics II
Environmental Science CP
Environmental Science Honors
Anatomy and Physiology CP
Anatomy and Physiology Honors

Non-Sequential Courses
Introduction to Forensics
Science Fair Projects
Science Enrichment
Science of Science Fiction
MCAS Intro Physics Review
MCAS Biology
Chemistry Challenge

Final class offerings are based on enrollment.