Authentic Learning Opportunities

Model United Nations

On March 4, fifteen Medford High School students and ten middle school students participated in the invitational Model United Nations Conference held at Northeastern University. On May 13, five Medford High School students participated in an additional conference. These events are sponsored by Northeastern University and the United Nations Association of Greater Boston. Model United Nations is an opportunity for students to think critically about global issues, engage in presentation and writing skills and connect with others to share global interests. Although the high school has participated in past years, this year marks the first year that high school students attended two conferences and our middle schools competed. Comparative Government and Economics teacher Mrs. Daneu facilitated the high school student involvement and our middle school teams were coordinated and advised by Ancient Civilizations teacher Mr. Diclemente and U.S. History I teacher Mr. Tiberi.

Model UN

Middle School Field Study at Tsongas Industrial History Center

Grade 8 students from Andrews Middle School study at the Tsongas Industrial History Center in Lowell, Massachusetts as part of an interdisciplinary humanities unit. Students prepared for the experience by reading the book, Lyddie in their English classes. Lyddie tells the story of a farm girl who works in a factory in nineteenth-century Lowell and becomes active in a movement for better working conditions. This opportunity was made possible through the coordination of U.S. History I teachers Chris Tremonte and Ian Levine and the support of grade 8 teachers Charlene Douglas and Katherine Sufferdini.

Additional information on the site visit can be found on the MPS Advantage website.

mills field trip

Freshmen Students Attend MASC Day on the Hill

Ten freshmen students from Medford High School and Medford Vocational and Technical High School attended the Massachusetts Association of School Committee’s annual Day on the Hill at the Massachusetts State House on April 26. Students toured historic locations surrounding the State House, witnessed the MASC meeting and engaged with local school committee members and state representatives.

Read the article three of our students composed describing their experience here.

MASC Day on the Hill

MASC Day on the Hill

Students Participate in Senate Immersion Module

AP US Government and AP Comparative Government classes at Medford High School took part in the Senate Immersion Module at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate and the JFK Library. Students adopted the roles of US Senators, crafted legislation, worked in committees and caucuses, gave floor speeches, debated, and ultimately voted on immigration reform. Mr. Streff, who coordinated the opportunity for our students, reported “I was so proud of these young men and women as they made use of all of the material we covered over the course of the year and worked with students from other schools. One of the highlights of the day was the fact that Lou Rocco, MHS class of 2008 was leading the proceedings! It was a great day for Medford High and democracy!”

Senate Immersion Module

Senate Immersion Module

Global Scholars Program Connects Students With International Peers

Medford 7th grade teachers help connect their students with students across the globe as part of the World Cultures and Geography course and a partnership with the Global Scholars program. In beginning to address this year’s focus on building better cities, Medford students engaged in Skype chats with students in Warsaw and Tel Aviv and discussed issues of climate change, urbanization, and global warming. Seventh grade teacher Frank Zizzo said the opportunity “brought current world issues to life for my students”.

Global Scholars Skype chat

Holocaust Survivor Jack Trompetter Visits Medford High School

On December 3rd Jack Trompetter came to Medford High School to share his experiences during and following the Holocaust. Meeting with over 150 students from social studies and English classes, Trompetter described how his family protected him as a baby by giving him to a Christian couple on a rural farm. It was not until years later that it was safe for his family to come for him. Trompetter’s presentation touched on the centrality of the Holocaust in how we perceive and understand genocide and persecution today. During a lengthy question and answer session Trompetter and students engaged in deep reflection on the connections of history, identity and responsibility. Mr. Trompetter’s visit was arranged by ELA teacher Jody Liu via her partnership with the Facing History and Ourselves organization in Brookline, MA.

Jack Trompetter

Mexican Deputy Consul General Graciela Gomez Visits the Andrews Middle School

Mexican Deputy Consul General Graciela Gomez visits the Andrews Middle School and speaks with 7th grade students learning about world cultures and geography. She discusses her job and the role of ambassadors. Students created posters and questions for her and had a wonderful time.

Graciela Gomez

Medford Transcript Profiles MHS Student Docents

The Medford Transcript recently joined MHS students during their training at the Museum of Fine Arts as a part of our docent training partnership.

Read the article here:

View a photo gallery of the trip here:

student docent

Global Scholars enters second Year in Medford

This year the Global Scholars program is focused on “Building Better Cities.” Seventh grade students have been exploring topics like population growth, urbanization, and the challenges that accompany these trends. Many more cities from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the U.S. have joined collaboration so students this year have even more opportunities to communicate with their peers from cities around the world.

MHS Students Attend Screening of Spotlight at the Somerville Theater

On December 9th, students from Medford High School attended a screening of the newly released film Spotlight at the Somerville Theater. Thirty-three students, seven parents and the theater managers joined social studies teacher Andy Milne to view the film together. Spotlight depicts the efforts of the Boston Globe investigative team as they uncovered and reported on the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal. As the credits rolled, everyone in the theater (parents, students, management, and other movie-goers) stood up and gave a round of applause. After the film Mr. Milne lead a discussion with students and parents focused on U.S. History and Psychology. Discussion was focused on questions of what institutions were at fault, what psychological factors would lead victims and parents to remain quiet publicly and overall impressions of the film. We would like to thank the Somerville Theater management for helping make this experience possible for students and families and MHS junior Alexandria Ritchie for providing information on the trip.

Psychology Students Attend Harvard Medical School Presentation

On November 12th, several students from Mrs. Donlon’s AP Psychology classes attended a Colloquium on the History of Psychiatry and Medicine at the Harvard Medical School’s Countway Library. The presentation was followed by a tour of the museum and a lively discussion of famous case studies in Psychology. One notable scientist in attendance was so impressed with our Medford High School students; he has accepted an invitation to speak at Medford High.

Psychology Students Work With Preschoolers

On Friday, November 20, 2015 Medford High School students were able to see psychology in action when ten Medford Early Education Program (MEEP) 3 and 4 year-old’s joined us in the classroom to help demonstrate Jean Piaget’s famous stages of cognitive development. Using water, clay, blocks and a delightful “draw-a-person” activity, our MEEP’s became a living example of Piaget’s theory.


Mayoral candidates discuss election issues with students

Mayoral Candidates Robert Penta and Stephanie Muccini Burke visit U.S. Government classes at Medford High School:

C-SPAN Bus visits Medford High School

Cable network visits Medford High School students with access and resources for connecting with the business of government. Click here to read local news coverage of the visit.

C-SPAN bus

Renowned storyteller brings historic resident to life for Medford fifth-graders

In Partnership with the Royal House and Slave Quarters and Tufts University, Tammy Denease Performs two shows for Medford fifth-graders and discusses her work as a historian and performer. Click here to read local news coverage of the visit.

Tammy Denease

Local veterans meet with students to commemorate Veterans Day

In the 14th annual Veteran’s Day Keynote Speaker program 21 local veterans visited 38 Social Studies classes to share their experience and commemorate Veterans Day.


U.S. History students connect with local landmark cemeteries

On October 16th, students from Mr. Andrew Milne’s US History classes visited Mount Auburn Cemetery as part of a field trip to connect their studies to the local landscape. Student research groups gave short presentations at several notable gravesites. Following a geography identification lesson at Washington Tower students toured the Cambridge Burial Ground in Harvard Square. In sharp contrast to Mount Auburn, the students witnessed the greater uniformity of the gravestones in Harvard Square and explored the symbolism and meaning of gravestone icons. In the end, the students and teachers met and pieced together the conditions that led to the formation of what at the time was a new and radical practice in founding Mount Auburn in 1831.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Medford High School partners up with Museum of Fine Arts to train student docents

In partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts and with anticipated support from the Medford Arts Council and the Medford High School PTO, a new cohort of students begins docent training sessions at the MFA. Students learn to develop content for presenting one of the museum’s collections and the performance skills needed to lead a tour. In January and February, student docents will give gallery tours to freshmen and sophomore classmates to make connections between the Museum’s vast collections and the World History I, World History II and AP European History curricula.


Author and Tufts Professor Samuel Sommers at Medford High School

On Thursday, September 15, 2014, Tufts professor and author Samuel Sommers spoke with psychology students about the power that situations have on our thoughts and

Professor Sommers is an experimental social psychologist whose research focuses on stereotyping, prejudice, and group diversity with particular focus on how race impacts the way people see and interact with the world in social settings. Professor Sommers’ research has been covered by Good Morning America, NPR, Harper’s, and the Los Angeles Times. His 2012 book “Situations Matter: Understanding How Context Transforms Your World” was called “thought-provoking and entertaining” by the Washington Post.

Professor Sommers’ visit was made possible by the invitation and coordination of Nancy Donlon, a psychology teacher at Medford High School.

MHS, Fenway Park, and Elizabethan Drama

On Friday, September 19 ten students from Medford High School will be joining two of their teachers at Fenway Park for an evening of famous scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.

The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s Shakespeare at Fenway event will include performances by Mike O’Malley (Glee, Yes Dear, Shameless), actress Kerry O’Malley (CSC’s Twelfth Night, Broadway’s Into the Woods, A&E’s Those Who Kill) and actor Neal McDonough (Suits, Desperate Housewives, Band of Brothers).

This interdisciplinary opportunity for students was made possible by Medford High School teachers Andy Milne (History) and Sarah Terranova (English).