Bus Information

School bus

How to register for MPS transportation

Using our transportation system requires a few easy steps:

Kindergarten through middle school:

1. The elementary or middle school your child attends will ask you to choose a bus route and a stop from the list available on this website.

2. Complete the forms provided by your child’s school letting the school know your chosen a.m. stop and p.m. stop.

3. Any change must be in writing to the building principal.

4. Children K-2 are provided bus tags that must be worn prominently on their backpacks for the entire school year.

5. Children K-2 must be met by a designated parent/guardian/or designated other when disembarking from the bus. If not met, they will be returned to their school. K-2 children not met by parents are at risk of losing bus privileges should this become an issue.

High School:

1. If you live in the Heights area, we provide one yellow school bus. Please see list and use as is convenient to your location.

2. If you live outside the Heights area and still require transportation, please see the MBTA information available on the website.

Should you have any questions: transportation@medford.k12.ma.us