Employment Permits

Employment Permits

If you are between the ages of 14 and 17 and you want to become employed, you must obtain an Employment Permit; also known as “Working Papers.”

Child Labor Laws and the regulations that govern workplace safety stipulate that the local public school Superintendent be in charge of issuing Employment Permits. For individuals who reside in Medford, the Superintendent has designated the Director of Guidance responsible for issuing Employment Permits.

How do I get an Employment Permit?

1. First, obtain an offer of employment from an employer. Click here to see the Guidance Department’s jobs resource page.

2. Next, obtain an Employment Permit Application for 14-17 year-old’s

3. Complete the application and obtain the necessary signatures, as per the directions.

4. Bring the completed application with proof of your age to Ms. Bazile. Proof of age can include a birth certificate, passport, Medford school ID, or other official government-issued document where your name and date of birth are displayed.

5. If the student is 14 or 15, working papers must also be signed by a doctor, in addition to the employer and parent.

6. We will issue an Employment Permit at that time, which will be good for as long as you are employed with that particular employer.