Mentoring Program

Medford Public Schools
Helping New Teachers Succeed

The Medford Public Schools Mentoring Program is a comprehensive program developed and structured to support new teachers during the first year of their employment in our schools. Coordinated by veteran teachers Donna Laskey and Jody Liu, with support from Deputy Superintendent Beverly Nelson and Assistant Superintendent Diane Caldwell, the program trains highly qualified and experienced teachers to serve as mentors to new teachers. The Mentor Teacher Program promotes positive and productive school experiences for students and teachers by providing support and assistance to all new teachers along the professional continuum: induction, in-service and beyond. Research shows that effective mentoring programs assist districts and schools in retaining qualified educators.

Mentors offer continuing professional support to the new teachers by:

  • Orienting new teachers to the school district and community
  • Linking new teachers to resources and curriculum
  • Guiding new teachers to available support staff and student services for students
  • Assisting new teachers in analyzing their teaching practices
  • Facilitating and assisting the new teacher in the design and implementation of a professional development plan
  • Providing new teachers with the benefit of a confidential mentor

The mentoring program focuses on assisting new teachers with:

  • Planning, teaching, facilitating and assessing the progress of students
  • Using the Understanding by Design and/or Backwards Planning models to develop objective-based lessons
  • Reflecting on their own teaching practices
  • Developing sound and appropriate professional development plans
  • Using successful instructional strategies and techniques for classroom management and differentiated instruction and assessment
  • Effectively interacting and communicating with parents information about their child’s progress and needs
  • Becoming integrated into the culture of the school and the school district

For further information concerning the Medford Public Schools Mentor Program please contact Jody Liu ( or Donna Laskey (