Mission and Vision

Andrews Middle School Mission Statement

“Excellence through Responsibiliy and Respect”


Andrews Middle School Vision Statement

The Andrews Middle School provides students with a safe and nurturing learning environment where students will excel academically, emotionally, and socially in an ever-changing twenty-first century world.  Our students will work both individually and collectively to develop thinking and problem-solving skills.  Our students will acquire these skills to thrive as responsible members of the community, dedicated citizens, and productive workers.  The Andrews Middle School’s Mission Statement is based on the core values of excellence, responsibility, respect, and environment, with a focus on the whole child.


Our students will meet or exceed the state academic standards.

Staff, students, and parents are responsible for the success of students, support of each other, and support of our community.

We respect, support, and value each member of the Andrews Middle School family and accept students and staff for their unique talents and differences.

As members of the global community, we recognize that we all have a moral obligation to our future generations to protect our environment.