Who to Contact and When

Student asks his/her teacher(s) when he/she:

  • Doesn’t understand a concept
  • Seeks help after school
  • Finds the class too easy/hard
  • Wants to discuss a grade
  • Was absent and needs to make up a test, quiz, or homework

Parent contacts teacher(s) directly when:

  • Their student has already spoken to teacher, but issue persists
  • Has a specific question regarding grade/grading policy
  • Wants to check in regarding progress

Student sees guidance counselor when he/she:

  • Is in the midst of a crisis or is feeling overwhelmed
  • Needs help talking to his/her friends or teachers
  • Needs working papers (8th grade)
  • Has course selection questions (8th grade)

Parent contacts guidance counselor when:

  • They wish to schedule parent/teacher conference
  • Their student is struggling socially or emotionally
  • Their student is struggling academically in more than once class and issue has been discussed with teacher already

Student sees Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) when:

  • They have paperwork to return regarding their IEP

Parent contacts Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) when:

  • They have specific questions relating to their student’s IEP
  • They wish to schedule an IEP meeting

Student sees Assistant Principal when he/she:

  • Is late to school
  • Has a discipline issue

Parent contacts Assistant Principal when:

  • They have concerns regarding student’s attendance
  • Have concerns regarding student’s discipline issue

Student sees Principal or Assistant Principal when he/she:

  • Has a bullying or harassment issue
  • Witnesses bullying (online reporting form)

Parent contacts Principal or Assistant Principal when:

  • They believe their student is a target of bullying or harassment
  • An issue with a particular teacher persists after parent/teacher conference