Computer Applications

Welcome to the Andrews Middle School Computer Lab! The Andrews Computer Lab has 26 networked Gateway Computers. Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional is the system of choice for completing projects and assignments across the curriculum. Students learn how to use word processing, spreadsheet, publishing, presentation, and other applications on our network.

Depending on grade level, topics include:

1. Produce a word processed document

2. Produce a spreadsheet

3. Produce a database

4. Produce a brochure

5. Produce a business card/i. d. card

6. Produce a slide show presentation

7. Integrate available applications into the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks

8. Appropriate use of the Internet

9. Proper computer etiquette!

10. Computer ethics regarding privacy of files and documents!

Some Useful Internet Search Engines and Directories

“HOTS” (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

Programs – Inspiration, Power Point, and Publisher – are incorporated into the curriculum. Internet Explorer is used for accessing the web. (A signed Acceptable Use Policy agreement is required.)

Graphics programs are available for adding something extra to our work! Students can show their artistic ability and creativity with this activity!

Using project based instruction, students will be evaluated on their ability to use technology available in our lab. Keyboarding is an integrated component in all activities.