Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum

Grade 6, 7, and 8

Physical Education and Fitness provides students the opportunity for enjoyment, challenge, self expression, and social interaction. If a child is to grow and develop to their maximum potential, they must have vigorous and challenging activities. All activities should by focused around “fun”. The degree to which a child can reach his or her fullest potential depends on exercise, rest, and proper diet and nutrition.

Through individual, group, and partner instruction at the Middle School students will be able to:

* Improve balance, speed, and agility.

* Perform basic tumbling and stunts on a mat.

* Enhance eye-hand and eye-foot co-ordination.

* Understand the importance of physical activity as it relates to healthy development.

* Develop self-confidence and strengthen ones self-esteem.

* Participate in team sports and activities.

List of Activities

flag football

ultimate frisbee

Super Kickball

one mile walk/run–timed



obstacle course

floor hockey

wiffle ball

fitness testing


mini lacrosse

non-competitive games


outdoor field and track



RKT baseball