Ms. Suzanne Galusi

Welcome to the Brooks Elementary School! Our Mission Statement is that “the Brooks School is committed to nurturing collaboration, imagination, and creative problem solving. We strive to establish and maintain an environment that supports the whole child and challenges prejudice, respects differences, and fosters a deep concern for others. The Brooks community (parents/guardians, educators, staff, volunteers and students) works together to provide all students and staff with a safe place to learn, allowing them to be curious and to take intellectual risks in order to achieve high academic standards and to grow to their full potential.”

As a Responsive Classroom school, we strive to “Be Kind, Be Cooperative, Be Safe and Be Peaceful.” We refer to them as our Brooks Bees and encourage our students to exemplify these qualities on a daily basis. Positive behaviors and choices are acknowledged with Brooks Bee certificates. To learn more about the ideologies and practices of Responsive Classroom, please visit their website at

Building positive relationships and a true sense of community is the key to a productive and successful school year. Children are most likely to succeed when there is collaboration between home and school. Cooperation and consistent communication creates an environment which fosters the greatest possible social, emotional and academic growth. We welcome parent questions, comments, and/or concerns.

I look forward to continued work and collaboration with families and staff. I am excited for the new opportunities and experiences that the 2016-2017 school year will bring.

Warmest Regards,
Suzanne B. Galusi