Columbus School Council

Columbus School Mission Statement

The mission of the Columbus Elementary School is to provide every child with an education based on respect for self and others. The Columbus is a diverse school community that includes an English language support program and a K-5 Therapeutic Learning Program. The instructional focus of the Columbus promotes the ability to think clearly and creatively, to communicate effectively, and to develop a lifelong curiosity and love of learning. It is our hope that with the development of these skills our children will become happy, productive, responsible citizens of the 21st century.

School Council is a representative, school-based committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, and community members. School Councils expand the participation of the school community in its schools’ decision making.

SCHOOL COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP composition has been defined and formed by the principal pursuant to the process as approved by the Superintendent of Schools and the Medford School Committee.

School Council Selection Process

In fulfillment of the Educational Reform Act, as well as, for the benefit of the students, parents, staff & the community of Medford, the Columbus School Council will be selected through the following democratic process:

There will be a fair distribution among School Council members, consisting of representatives from the following: staff, parents & community members (non-school). Only one Columbus administrative member will sit on this team & will act as co-chair with one other School Council member;
Members will commit to serve at least a two (2) year term;

To replace any outgoing member, Columbus Elementary School will recruit new School

Council members in the spring & fall; Recruiting information will be disseminated through Columbus’s monthly family newsletter, PTO Meetings, the website, and/or school functions;

Interested parties will submit a brief biographical background to the principal which will be used to create a ballot, if necessary;

Teacher representatives are nominated and elected by their peers;

Any necessary votes will be tallied and notices will be sent to all school community members via the monthly newsletter and website.

In fulfillment of the Educational Reform Act, as well as for the benefit of the students, parents, staff & the community of Medford, the Columbus School Council will:

Develop and revise a School Improvement Plan;

Address and review the impact of class size on the education of the children of Medford;

Adhere to School-wide core values;

Assess the educational needs of the students and staff of Columbus School;

Make recommendations on and review the annual School budget;

Make recommendations on upkeep and necessary improvements to the physical plant;

Make recommendations on new initiatives which will benefit the community of Columbus;

Assist in the implementing and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan for the current and future school years.

Meeting Minutes