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Many of our students come to school with tobacco smoke on their clothing and belongings. Secondhand smoke not only negatively impacts people in the area of the smoker but compounds the toxic effects on the smoker’s health.

Please review the following from the American Lung Assoication website, paying close attention to the facts of secondhand smoke and children.

Each November the Columbus School Nurse coordinates students to adopt smokers for the Great American Smoke-Out Day. The goal is to show students that that most smokers want to quit and how difficult it is to stop smoking. Hopefully they won’t start.

Additionally, the nurse educates the fourth graders each year on the effects of tobacco smoke. This program is called TAR WARS,

Head Lice Protocol

Please visit the Nursing Services webpage for more details.


Asthma and Allergies (Includes Food Allergies)


Public Health

  • A School Nurse not only educates but is also a Public Health Nurse. We collaborate with Medford Public Health Nurses, Janet Leahy and Karen Rose, to keep your child safe and healthy. For information on the FLU, TB, communicable diseases and health statistics go to the Public Nursing website.

ADHD: Attention Deficit Disorders


Exercise and Nutrition:

Learn about the five food groups at

Nutrition Nuggets is a healthy eating and fitness newsletter for kids from our school nurses.

Hand Washing