Vision and Mission

Medford Public Schools Mission Statement

The Medford Public Schools is a caring educational partnership of school, family and community designed to ensure that all students are afforded a safe and healthy learning environment in which they develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to reach their full academic and personal potential. This partnership is dedicated to providing all students with a 21st century education that will enable them to be life-long learners and contributors to a diverse and rapidly changing world.

Medford High School Mission Statement

At Medford High School, caring educators empower all students to reach their potential as learners. To fulfill that mission, the school community is committed to collaboration, engagement, and personalization. These core beliefs about teaching and learning drive the curriculum, instruction and assessment practices in every Medford High School classroom, as well as the programs of the school. In a culture of excellence, parents, teachers, administrators and staff not only set high expectations for students, but also offer them appropriate levels of motivation and support. Medford High School is a community of lifelong learners who respect diversity and are actively involved in the life of the school, which offers physical safety, emotional security and well-being. As a result, graduates of Medford High School become responsible citizens and contributors to their community, their nation, and a global society.

Curtis Tufts High School Mission Statement

The Curtis Tufts provides an educational and therapeutic experience for high school age students. Enrolled students acquire a 21st century education within a small, supportive learning community, promoting academic, social and emotional confidence. Students transition as productive, healthy contributors to the society in which they live.