Program Overview

The Curtis-Tufts is a community based, Special Education High School Program, at the Curtis/Tufts School, 437 Main Street, Medford, MA. The Curtis/Tufts offers a comprehensive academic program providing credit toward a high school diploma to students completing the required secondary curriculum subjects. The program of the Curtis/Tufts School is designed to meet the educational, behavioral, social, and emotional needs of secondary students who have not been able to benefit from a traditional educational setting. The curriculum and elective activities provide all necessary academic components and support services to comply with the Individual Educational Plans of each student. Students are referred to the program by their public or private school staff.

The Curtis/Tufts School program has been developed in response to the social/emotional, educational, and vocational needs of public school secondary students. These students benefit from a small, structured, therapeutic, learning environment within their community.
Students attend school five-days per week in accordance with the Medford Public Schools schedule. The hours are 8:15 a.m. to 2:05 p.m. Academic classes are held in the morning providing a core curriculum in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. During afternoon hours, students in good standings are released on work-study. Others remain and participate in such elective classes as: Art, Health, Industrial Arts, Physical Education, Vocational Education, and Computers.

Frequent communication and coordination of services is established by parents as well as the clinical support team, and/or a private practitioner or community mental health agency providing services to the child and family. He or she may continue in the program until such time that the IEP is revised and the Curtis/Tufts is no longer felt to be the most appropriate and least restrictive facility for the student.

Course of Study

The Curtis/Tufts strives to provide a comprehensive, secondary curriculum using a small group instructional format. The course offerings at each grade level are congruent with the Medford High School curriculum, and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. This would facilitate transfer back to mainstream and enable the students to meet the Medford High School diploma requirements. Students must also pass the state mandated MCAS test to receive a high school diploma. Course offerings for the school year include:

English I-IV
Algebra I
Algebra II
Discrete Mathematics
World History I & II
US History
Intro to Physics
PE Health
MCAS Prep Math & English
Work Study