McGlynn PTG

Executive Board Contact Information

President: Theresa Shano

Treasurer/Secretary: Jane Wright

First Director: Vivian Su

Second Director: Robyn Holdsworth Altman

About the PTG

The McGlynn Elementary Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is a group of volunteers dedicated to supporting the school and enhancing the quality of the educational experience for all students at the McGlynn. The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is an independent, non-profit organization. The success of the PTG depends solely on the support and participation of all parents/guardians. All proceeds from each event or fundraiser go directly to support all Enrichment Programs, Field Trips and In-house Educational Programs for the children of the McGlynn Elementary School.

The goals of the Parent Teacher Group (PTG) include but are not limited to:

• Coordinating volunteer participation to support school programs

• Hosting extracurricular activities that encourage family involvement

• Sponsoring activities that increase school spirit

• Raising funds for supplemental services such as enrichment programs, field, trips, in-house educational programs, family events, school newsletter and supplies, etc.

• Supporting the school administration in its goals

The PTG shall neither seek to direct the administrative activities of the school nor control its policies. The PTG will comply with established policies and procedures and encourage and respect the opinions of all.

Mission Statement

The mission of the McGlynn Elementary School Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is to promote the welfare of the children in the school and community, to bring closer the relationship of home and school so that parents and teachers may work together to enhance the education of the children, and to provide educational enrichment opportunities for the students of the McGlynn Elementary School that are not otherwise provided for in the school budget.

Volunteer Opportunities

The PTG Executive Board Members each chair a committee. These committees are always in need of volunteers. This is a perfect way to contribute your time and talents. If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, please contact us at any time.

Fundraising Committee: Identifies and coordinates the primary PTG fundraising events. Restaurant nights, Box Tops for Education. To volunteer, please contact Theresa Shano ( or Jane Wright (

Enrichment Committee: Works closely with teachers to plan and coordinate educational programs, field trips and in-house programs for each grade level to enhance and supplement students’ curriculum. To volunteer, please contact To volunteer, please contact Theresa Shano ( or Jane Wright (

Volunteer Parent Committee: Coordinates volunteers for a variety of areas and events such as Room Parent Coordinator, Craft Parent Volunteers, Event Volunteers, etc. To learn more about how you can volunteer, please contact Theresa Shano ( or Jane Wright (

Communications Committee: Works with other committees and the school community to promote events and areas of interest and to provide information using local newspapers, TV channels and school newsletters. To volunteer, please contact Theresa Shano ( or Jane Wright (