McGlynn Middle School
3002 Mystic Valley Parkway
Medford, MA 02155
Phone: 781-393–2333
Fax: 781-393-5462


Main Office

Office Management
Mrs. Marianne Ford and Mrs. Maureen Richard

Office Notes

  • All visitors to the school – including parents must sign in at the office and get a visitor’s pass. When leaving visitors are to sign out in the office.
  • Students are Tardy as of 8:00 AM. They must report to the office before going to Homeroom if they are late.
  • Dismissals are for emergency purposes. No dismissals will be allowed after 30 minutes prior to dismissal. Please do not come to dismiss the children because of inclement weather. When your child is dismissed a note stating the time your child will be picked up must be sent to school with the child and given to the office. A parent or guardian must be present at the dismissal time to pick up the child.
  • Listen to radio/ TV announcements for no school or Snow Days. Please do not call the school asking for that information.

If you need a translator call…


Si usted necesita un documento escolar traducido a su propio idioma, llame a Ghislaine Pinto, Secretaria del Departamento ELL, 781-393-2348.


Se precisar de um documeto escolar traduzido ou mais informações sobre o nosso programa, ligue para Ghislaine Pinto, Secretaria do Departamento de ELL, 781-393-2348.

Haitian Creole

Si w bezwen yon entpret pou tradui enformas yon sa a pou wou, souple rele nan nimewo telefon a Ghislaine Pinto, Depatman ELL Sekretè , 781-393-2348.

All ELL Parents are entitled to translator services if necessary. We have Haitian-Creole, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese interpreters in house. Low-incidence populations may request services, but may have to wait until the district can contact outside services.