Principal and Vice Principal

McGlynn Middle School Principal, Mr. Jake Edwards


On behalf of the McGlynn Middle School faculty and support staff, welcome to the McGlynn Middle School website. As I enter my sixth year as Principal of this fine school, I feel extremely fortunate to be an educational leader in a community such as Medford that really cares about their children. Every professional adult in our building displays a tremendous passion for serving middle school students, bringing a strong work ethic and positive attitude each and every day. Given the complexities of living in a global society, middle school has become an increasingly significant phase of a child’s life. Our society has become extremely competitive and as a result, students need to be prepared to meet the challenges and demands of high school as soon as they walk in the door in grade nine. We take this challenge very seriously and work very hard to prepare every student, optimizing their chance for success.

In addition to academic achievement, character development is a crucial component for students. The faculty, support staff and administration are dedicated to working with parents/guardians and the Medford community as a whole to ensure that we are developing life-long learners who are respectful and responsible citizens. Our guidance counselors have designed half-year courses to support this goal. We want our students to feel safe and nurtured in our school community and understand that every adult is available to them should they require assistance.

Thank you for sending your children to our school and entrusting us to educate and care for them. Also, thank you for choosing public education. If I can be of assistance at any time, please contact me via e-mail.

Jacob Edwards, Principal


McGlynn Middle School Vice Principal, Mr. Ian Charles


Welcome to all our families, community members and students to a fantastic new school year. I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve Medford Public Schools. Medford is home to a wonderfully diverse community of young learners each eager to explore various opportunities. I look forward to providing support to my students, families and staff members as we welcome new challenges. I am privileged to have been given a chance to work with a highly trained educational staff that is committed to student academic achievement and social development.

It is my belief that the educational institution must reflect the community it serves. My vision will be to understand the demands of the community by partnering with local business organizations and charities. Our students can benefit from this relationship thereby exposing them to immediate community concerns. Our nation’s future depends on the way our students learn and how well they interpret the world around them. As the instructional leader of a school, I will work toward improving the quality of education for all students by developing positive experiences that will prepare our students for higher education and career training programs. If we work together, our students will achieve the goal of becoming life-long learners and positive contributors to society.


Ian N. Charles, Assistant Principal