Mission Statement

At Medford High School, caring educators serve as role models and encourage and assist all students to reach their potential as learners.

To fulfill that mission, the school creates a climate in which parents, teachers, administrators and staff not only set high expectations for students, but also offer them considerable motivation and support.

Medford High School is a community of lifelong learners who respect diversity and are actively involved in the life of the school, which offers physical safety and emotional security.

As a result, graduates of Medford High School become responsible citizens and contributors to their community, their nation and a global society.

21st Century Learning Expectations

  • Become self-directed learners.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Apply problem-solving skills and critical and creative thinking.
  • Use technology appropriately as a tool for learning, collaboration, presentation, research, and design.
  • Act with integrity, respect and responsibility toward themselves, others, and the environment.
  • Exhibit flexibility and adaptability.
  • Collaborate in diverse groups to share knowledge, build consensus, and achieve goals.
  • Practice leadership in and service to their community.
  • Become contributing citizens in a global society.

School-wide Rubrics