New Student Registration

General Guidelines for Registering New Students at MHS *After the Start of the School Year*

Step 1: The Registration Process at Medford High School

The following are REQUIRED for any student to be registered:

– Birth Certificate
– Immunization/ Health Records (school nurse will review and ensure immunizations are complete)
– Proof of address and residency (Two forms required such as: utility bill, rental lease agreement or mortgage statement)
– Photo ID of parent/guardian
– Previous school transcripts, attendance record, discipline record
– Previous MCAS scores (if transferring from another MA public school)
– Copy of student’s IEP or 504 plan (only if student is currently receiving special education services or disability accommodations)

*Personnel will be available for parents whose children need special education or bilingual/ELL services.

*Second language students will also need to be tested to determine if ELL services are needed before they can begin any classes at MHS.

Once all of the required documents have been received and verified, only then can the Parent Information Center begin the enrollment process. After the student has cleared registration and their information is entered into the Medford High School database (SchoolBrains), then the Parent Info Center will contact the Guidance counselor to pick up the new student folder and begin step 2.

Step 2: Creating the Schedule for a New Student

Depending on the time of year, availability of open classes, previous credits earned, assigned grade level and teacher contractual limits, it can takes anywhere between 2-5 days for the Guidance staff to create a new student schedule.

The assigned Guidance Counselor must review all of the required paperwork and recalculate any previous credits before he or she can begin to create the new schedule. If you have specific concerns or requests that you would like to speak with your child’s assigned guidance counselor about before the schedule is created, please contact them via email or phone.


The following can greatly delay the process of creating a new student schedule:
– Missing or incomplete transcripts
– No sign-out grades from previous school(s)
– Missing MCAS scores (if student is coming from another MA public school)

* The responsibility of producing an official hard copy of pervious transcripts is that of the student and/or guardian. Therefore, any student (regardless of age) who enrolls at Medford High School without previous transcripts will be considered a first year freshman and will accordingly be assigned to all 9th grade classes.

Step 3: Contacting the New Student with an Intended Start Date

After all transcripts have been thoroughly reviewed and the new schedule created, the Guidance Counselor will call the student’s home with the assigned start date. (Again this is typically 3-5 after the student clears registration with the Parent Info Center).

Step 4: First Day of School for New Students at Medford High

– Students should report to the Guidance Office at 7:30 to meet with their counselor and go over their schedule.

– They will be introduced to their Submaster and the Submaster’s secretary who will assign them a locker and homeroom.

– Whenever possible, a current MHS student will take them on a tour and escort them to their classes throughout the day.

– Students and their parent/guardian should complete an email consent form, obtained from their Assistant Principal’s office, to start the process of getting a school email account. Also, students and parents can email to request their SchoolBrains log-on information.