Awards Programs

Awards Programs at Medford High School

Students of the Month


Every month teachers nominate students who have demonstrated extraordinary effort in the classroom. Then Submasters select one Student of the Month at each grade level, and the Vocational Director selects one Student of the Month from the Vocational School.

Honor Roll

honor roll

Through the Honor Roll, students at all ability levels are honored for their classroom achievements: Highest Honors for a 3.6 to 4.0 GPA for the quarter on a 4.0 unweighted scale; Honors for a 3.4 to 3.59 GPA; and Merit for a 3.0 to 3.39 GPA.

For more information about how the Honor Roll is determined, please see the Student Handbook.

Academic Awards Ceremony

academic awards

At this event, students are honored for their academic achievement, effort and improvement in the classroom.

Academic Excellence Awards

These awards recognize students who have earned the highest cumulative average at their respective grade levels.

Scholastic Achievement Awards

These students have earned the highest cumulative Grade Point Averages.

Outstanding Effort Awards

Students are recognized for extraordinary effort.

Special Awards

Bausch & Lomb Award
Chatham University Book Award
Dartmouth College Book Award
Harvard Book Award
Regis College Book Award
Rensselaer Medal
Saint Michael’s College Book Awards
Wellesley College Book Award
Yale University Book Award

Student Leadership Awards Ceremony


On this occasion, students are honored for their participation and leadership in Medford High School extra-curricular activities, for their success in state competitions, and for their contributions to the community.

Scholastic Awards Ceremony

scholastic awards

At this event, students are honored for their outstanding achievement on Advanced Placement Examinations, the Scholastic Assessment Test, the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test, and Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System tests.

MCAS Awards

Students are honored for their achievements on the MCAS exam.

PSAT and SAT Awards

Students who excel on the PSAT and SAT exams are also recognized at the Scholastic Awards Ceremony.

National Merit Awards

This award is for students who score in the top percentile on the PSAT/SAT exams.

Advanced Placement Awards

Students who earn a certain qualifying Grade on Advanced Placement exams are eligible to receive college credit for the courses for which they successfully complete the exams, thus earning “advanced placement” at many outstanding colleges and universities. This allows them to take more sophisticated courses during their freshman year in college, instead of the usual introductory courses.

Senior Scholarship Awards Ceremony

senior scholarships

Through this program, students are recognized for the scholarships they have received from local, state and national foundations and from colleges and universities.

National Honor Society

gold star

Students qualify for membership in the National Honor Society by establishing an exceptional record of scholarship, leadership, character and service.