Students from each class have ample opportunity to meet with the guidance department to discuss educational, social, or personal concerns they may be facing.  Students are made aware of educational opportunities in both their academic and vocational classes.  We speak with students regarding requirements for graduation, such as community service hours needed and required course credits, as well as requirements for vocational programs and opportunities such as cooperative education in their senior year.  Another major tool we use to encourage students to identify their strengths and set goals is our annual career plan.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment to have healthy conversations about issues students encounter in their high school years.  We aim to help students, in all grades, increase their decision-making skills, build confidence in their abilities, and recognize their potential

Alice Beth FitzPatrick has been with Medford Vocational Technical High School since 2007.  In December 2012, Alice Beth moved into the role of Guidance Counselor from her former position as the Career Counselor.  She holds a Masters Degree in School Counseling from Northeastern University and is a professionally licensed school counselor with the state of Massachusetts.

Guidance Counselor: Alice Beth FitzPatrick, 781-393-2255,

Adjustment Counselor: Lauren Allessandro,