Special Education

The Special Education Department is available to all students that may need assistance.  The services provided can include evaluations and/or delivery of direct services.   Services can include mainstream monitoring and/or support, modified sections in various departments and/or designated sections in mainstream, adjustment counseling, Adaptive Learning Program, Life Skills program, resource room assignments, combination of above services; or individual service delivery as recommended by base core team.

All students regardless of learning challenges have access to the Medford High School’s curriculum.  Students with diverse learning styles are evaluated and diagnosed by the Department of Special Needs.  Each student’s team recommends any and all accommodations or schedule adjustments. The purpose of these recommendations is to maximize student success.  Listed below are the current offerings for Medford High School.

High School and Vocational School Learning Group Program

These programs offer sound and appropriate academics for the group of Learning Disabled students assigned to them.  The teachers and instructional aides to meet the IEP Goals and Objectives use various accommodations and teaching strategies.  These students are also exposed to various appropriate mainstream opportunities as well as work sites both within the school environment and at various job sites outside of school.  The School Adjustment Counselor, Guidance Counselor and Behavior Specialist address behaviors on an ongoing basis.  Students in these programs are offered an opportunity to participate in an extended day component along with the Life Skills Program.

Vocational School Language Based Classroom

This class was created in order to address the needs of students identified as learning disabled in the area of expressive or receptive language.  At the same time these students had expressed an interest in attending the Vocational School to experience the Grade 9 exploratory program of studies.  The students attend a self-contained classroom for their major academics and related Vocational topics and travel into various shops in order to experience the Vocational exploration part of the Grade 9 program.  Grades 10 through 12 can also be coordinated through this classroom.

Resource Classes

SPED-certified teachers teach specific subjects to those students whom need a more restrictive environment and more individualized instruction.  Classes are offered in Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts.  Reading is taught by our reading specialists and addresses both reading mechanics and comprehension issues.

Medford Special Education Parent Advisory Council