Medford Vocational Technical High School

SOLVED- Shore Occupational Learning and Vocational Education Division

Serving Boston, Cambridge, Medford, Somerville & Waltham Public Schools

The Medford Public Schools is a member district of the Shore Educational Collaborative’s Shore Occupational Learning and Vocational Educational Division (SOLVED). SOLVED provides access to exploratory experiences for students in member districts so that students may explore the particular program in which they have an expressed interest along with additional areas. Medford Vocational Technical High School (MVTHS) provides exploratory experiences to SOLVED member school district students provided that they are enrolled in a SOLVED member school district for this purpose. Likewise, SOLVED member school districts provide these experiences for MVTHS students enrolled. After the exploratory program, SOLVED member school district students are eligible to apply for admission to schools of member districts in those instances where the student’s home school district does not offer the particular vocational-technical program that is of interest to the student.

Students must meet the admission criteria for the school and then the program placement criteria of the member district where the program the student is seeking to enter is located. SOLVED member school district students will be evaluated and ranked using the criteria set forth in the Admissions Policy. Ninth grade students from collaborative districts may elect to explore specific vocational areas that are not offered within their District and participate in the freshman vocational selection process at the MVTHS. Such students will be evaluated in the exploratory according to the established grading rubric. If SOLVED member school district students are selected for a vocational placement, slots will be held for those students and they will be given the opportunity to transfer to the collaborative school district for enrollment as tenth graders. All collaborative students will have to meet the basic requirements of promotion to the grade they seek and passing grades in English language arts or the equivalent and mathematics. Collaborative students may be denied admission if their discipline records contain infractions involving weapons, drugs, assault on school staff or school threats. Sending school district will be responsible for transportation for exploratory and freshmen students.

SOLVED member school district students are not eligible for first time admission as eleventh or twelfth grade students unless they are transferring from another vocational-technical program, and they must follow the transfer procedures set forth below.

Programs not offered at MVTHS but offered through the SOLVED Collaboration include:

Boston Public Schools
Dental Assisting
Facilities Management
Medical Assisting
Sheet Metal
TV & Radio
Cambridge Ringe & Latin
Somerville High School
Dental Assisting
Machine Technology
Painting & Decorating
Waltham High School
TV & Radio

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for students?

Students from SOLVED member districts will be able to stay in their neighborhood high school during their freshman year and throughout exploratory.

How does this work?

Exploratory course offerings are available to all freshman students in the member districts of Shore Educational Collaborative. Three year career program offerings will be available to participating students beginning grade 10.

How will exploratory work?

Students will be enrolled in their home district as members of the freshman class. They will participate in exploratory offerings in their home school and be transported to a selected SOLVED program site for any exploratory courses not available in their home district.

How will students be transported?

Transportation will be arranged by each member district.

How will students make up work during off site explorations?

Similar to all field trips, the student has the responsibility of notifying their instructors in advance and will have an agreed plan to make up missed assignments. The home school district will provide make up work as well.

What will this program cost?

There will not be any financial obligation to students or families participating in SOLVED.

Program Brochure

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