Roberts Elementary School
35 Court Street
Medford, MA 02155
Phone: (781) 393-2155
Fax: (781) 393-2158


Main Office Procedures

Visitors, Parents and Volunteers

Please sign the Visitor’s or Volunteer’s Book when entering and leaving our school. Obtain a Visitor’s / Volunteer’s Badge. Please be sure to sign out when leaving.

Student Early Dismissal

Parents / Guardians are required to dismiss their child from the main office. You must sign your child out if he/she is being dismissed early. Please inform the office personnel if he/she will be returning to school.

Substitute Teachers

Please sign in upon arrival and sign out upon departure.

Thank you for your cooperation!

– Per order of the Medford School Committee


Ms. K. Dervishian

If you need a translator call…


Si usted necesita un documento escolar traducido a su propio idioma, llame a Ghislaine Pinto, Secretaria del Departamento ELL, 781-393-2348.


Se precisar de um documeto escolar traduzido ou mais informações sobre o nosso programa, ligue para Ghislaine Pinto, Secretaria do Departamento de ELL, 781-393-2348.

Haitian Creole

Si w bezwen yon entpret pou tradui enformas yon sa a pou wou, souple rele nan nimewo telefon a Ghislaine Pinto, Depatman ELL Sekretè , 781-393-2348.

All ELL Parents are entitled to translator services if necessary. We have Haitian-Creole, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese interpreters in house. Low-incidence populations may request services, but may have to wait until the district can contact outside services.